About Us

The Friends of Green Lawn (FOG) is an all-volunteer, non-profit [501(c)3 organization comprised of supporters and friends of the ongoing effort to restore and preserve the cemetery grounds and document its historical and cultural significance to the Chester City region.

Our Team

Mr. William Morris – Acting President- bio coming soon.

Mr. Anthony Taylor – Acting Vice President

Nicole Cogdell – Board Member- bio coming soon.

Mr. AL Grasty – Treasurer

“Formerly known as Dr. Grasty, I dedicated over 35 years of my life to the noble profession of education, serving as a mathematics teacher and esteemed school administrator. Even in my so-called retirement, I continued to contribute to society, lending my expertise to Westat and the U.S. Census Bureau for an additional decade. Moreover, I had the privilege of raising my beloved granddaughter for over two decades. Throughout this time, I was blessed with a blissful 50-year marriage to an exceptional wife. In July of 2020, I returned to my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, and embarked on a new chapter as a steward at Green Lawn Cemetery. This decision was deeply personal, as many of my cherished family members found their final resting place within its hallowed grounds. Initially, I began by tending to the grass surrounding my dear relatives for a mere hour. However, as I traversed the cemetery, I discovered familiar faces and beloved acquaintances. This realization ignited a profound sense of connection, prompting me to extend my visits to five hours, twice a week. For me, this endeavor is rooted in love, respect, and the desire to give back. In this transformative journey, I have embraced a new identity, simply known as AL. This change has brought me immeasurable joy, for it encapsulates the essence of my purpose at Green Lawn Cemetery. Here, amidst the blades of grass, I find solace, fulfillment, and an unwavering commitment to honoring the memories of those who have departed. With the creation of the Friends of Green Lawn Cemetery, a nonprofit with 501(c)3 IRS status as of June 29, 2023, we will move the cemetery into the next phase. In addition, we are pursuing ‘legal custody’ of the cemetery which will give ‘Friends’ managerial control of the cemetery through a court decree from the Orphan’s Court of Delaware County PA.

It’s in the grass at Green Lawn Cemetery.

Ms. Janet Baldwin – Secretary

As a kindergarten and 1st grade teacher for 23 years and a principal for the remainder of my 46 and a half years in education, the pinnacle of my career was the final 10 and a half years spent as principal at Stetser Elementary in the Chester Upland School District.   My connection with Green Lawn began when Ms. T offered several students at Stetser the opportunity to learn about videography and be interviewed for the documentary that she was creating for Green Lawn Cemetery.  The next step was having Stetser families participate in a workday at Green Lawn where I came to realize that this would be a perfect match for my upcoming retirement, fulfilling my desire to stay connected with Chester and to bring about a positive outcome for a worthy project.  My efforts have been focused on recording and photographing headstones to create a database of those who have been buried at Green Lawn Cemetery.  This has proved to be a challenging task as there are no records that have been maintained for the cemetery.  As I record each headstone, I often think about the stories of the people who have been laid to rest and our responsibility to make those stories come alive for others to hear.  I have a passion to incorporate our younger generation into our efforts and to offer them opportunities to provide us with ideas and leadership as we move forward.  I have brought my experience writing grants to bear at Green Lawn and I am excited about continuing this process and creating programs for others to understand the rich history that is available within these hallowed grounds. 

For the Chester area African American community, Green Lawn Cemetery acts as an outdoor museum, archive, and library where the African American history of Chester can be shared in the presence of the men and women of the past who lived through these historical events and who themselves made history.